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  • Call of Duty Championship 2015

    This weekend Menace conquers a new continent when our new Call of Duty team travels to USA to play in Call of Duty Championship 2015. They will compete against 31 of the best teams in the world to win part of the whopping one million dollars prize purce! 32 teams play in 8 groups of 4 and two teams in each group advance to double-elimination playoffs.
  • New partner, Expekt!

    Team Menace has signed a cooperation agreement with the gaming company Expekt and we are offering unique promotions for Finnish e-sports lovers!
  • Assembly Summer 2014

    Assembly Summer is here again! This time we have something special coming with big tournaments and even national TV coverage. Menace is of course going to be on site with full force!
  • DreamHack Bucharest 2014

    Copenhagen Games has just ended but there is no time to rest for our StarCraft 2 player Wenlei "ZhuGeLiang" Dai because this weekend it's time for DreamHack Bucharest. ZhuGeLiang played well in Denmark, even beating Team Liquid's Snute. His final placing was 9-12th after losing to Happy and Spacemarine in group stage two. We were satisfied with his result but the man himself was much more critical, you can read his thoughts on this interview we did with him after the tournament.

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