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Our FIFA player Teemu "TMEE" Virolainen streams his games.

ZhuGeLiang's stream OFFLINE

ZhuGeLiang's StarCraft 2 laddering and tournaments.

ZaoC's stream OFFLINE

Our Halo team captain Juho "ZaoC" Uusitalo streams their games.

Juunaz's stream OFFLINE

Our Call of Duty team captain Joonas "Juunaz" Salo streams their games

Eyedi's stream OFFLINE

Our Call of Duty player Mika "Eyedi" Auranen streams his games.

Eppu's stream OFFLINE

I'm called Eppu or Eppe. I live in Finland, in a place called Hämeenlinna. I drink pepsi, not coke. I do my coffee with a capsule coffee maker. I usually stream in finnish, but can speak also english and german!

I stream mainly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, other games that I will stream again: Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source, Civilization V, H1Z1, Tomb Raider, Jedi Knights, The Sims games, Culling and Hearthstone.

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